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Reporter Finds there is a trick to a Tiny Belly and Finds the 1 Easy Tip
Our research for the series included looking at some consumer tips they thought would be useful for anyone trying to lose weight during an economic downturn. .

My name is Janice Farmer, and I am a health and diet columnist for Consumer 5. Before I agreed to participate in this study, I had been trying to locate a weight loss product that was free of the side effects most other products cause. I wanted to find a product that was all natural without extra ingredients that were of no use to my body. I also wanted a product that contained ingredients that were highly effective for burning fat. Instead of taking the word of advertisers or manufacturers, I made the decision to conduct my own research on various ingredients that are known to have the ability to enhance the process of weight loss. I discovered as I researched certain ingredients appeared more often than others: HCA, grapefruit, EGCG (the main ingredient in green tea), and apple cider vinegar. I read many testimonials online from people who swore by these ingredients to burn fat. I even read some university reports that proclaimed these ingredients were highly effective for both burning fat and boosting the energy. Even the famous Dr. OZ also laid claim to the many health benefits of EGCG for those who are trying to lose weight.

None of us at Consumer 5 were convinced of the validity of the success stories we read from people who used these ingredients to lose weight. . I considered myself somewhat of an expert because I had tried so many different products in an effort to lose weight without success. Among the products I tried was the popular SlimQuick diet that didn’t work for me either. It was quite obvious from this that the only way to determine the validity of the claims was for Consumer 5 to conduct its own testing. The biggest challenge I faced was finding a single product that included all the above ingredients rather than having to face the expensive and inconvenient concept of buying them separately. In addition to the extra expense, I really did not want to take that many supplements.

I spent a great deal of time researching various products before I found Slim Optimum. My research proved that Slim Optimum contained all of the above ingredients along with some other active ingredients for the promotion of weight loss.

The first step in the process was ordering a bottle of Slim Optimum. Although I saw many advertisements online for different diet products, I also found a great deal of praise and credibility directed toward the merchandiser of Slim Optimum. I was ecstatic to discover I didn’t have to order any additional products I didn’t need or want or subscribe to hidden offers just to receive the trial bottle. Another reason I chose Slim Optimum was because of its highly concentrated formula and the blend of powerful ingredients to promote weight loss.

The Slim Optimumwebsite makes the following claims
  • Tightens the abdomen
  • Tightens the body
  • Suppresses the accumulation of body fat
  • Helps eliminate body fat

Janice Farmer is a health and diet columnist for Consumer 5 Reporter. Janice recently agreed to be our test subject for a popular weight loss product. The product she chose, Slim Optimum, contains an abundance of fat burning ingredients that include EGCG, HCA, grapefruit and others that work together to enhance the fat burning process. Janice used Slim Optimum and a colon cleanse during the 4 week testing period and then drew her own conclusions. The results were absolutely astounding!

Janice lost 13 pounds in just 4 weeks during this study.

We initially had our doubts about Slim Optimum, but after we evaluated the benefits of the product, we lost our skepticism completely. Using this product on a daily basis enhances weight loss while also boosting the energy. Janice is also sleeping much better which allows her to wake up refreshed and well rested.

Step 1:

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Step 2:

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In order to achieve results similar to Janice’s, it is essential to use both products.

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Media Coverage of Slim Optimum Active Ingredients::

ABCA popular celebrity Dr. Oz reported EGCG, the active ingredient in green tea, is a very potent antioxidant. Some laboratory studies indicate consumers who drink several cups of green tea on a daily basis may be able to lower their bad cholesterol and improve weight loss success.
    - ABC News

MSNBCIn a recent interview CNN conducted with Dr. Melina Jampolis, the doctor stated antioxidants are able to protect the skin from a variety of environmental assaults. Also, EGCG increases the detoxification process in order to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Some recent laboratory studies indicate it may also rejuvenate dying skin cells.
    - CNN

According to a CBS report, green tea may possibly improve the ability of the body to lose weight successfully. Adding grapefruit to the diet may allow individuals to lose up to a pound each week. Consuming grapefruit can also help lower the level of insulin in the body which can then improve weight loss efforts.
    - CBS NEWS


When we read this claims, it only made us more skeptical but not to the point we would change our plans to conduct our own testing. We needed to find out for ourselves whether the claims about the product were true. The success stories I read online recommended combining the Slim Optimum with a colon cleanse for the best results, so I decided to follow the same routine for my study. Reportedly, the combination I chose a colon cleanse called Detox Pro for my study.

The Detox Pro website makes the following claims:
  • Helps eliminate unhealthy toxins from the body
  • Cleans the walls of the colon
  • Helps eliminate bloating and gas
  • Plus more

I learned the Detox Pro also offered a free trial bottle with a satisfaction guarantee without the need for me to accept any other offers.

Put both products to the test

The information I read from both manufacturers stated the products would arrive within three to five days following placement of an online order.

When my order arrived I was pleased to discover there was enough of each product for one entire month. This was a perfect amount for me because I had made a decision to conduct my study for a total of 4 weeks and document my progress each week.

I maintained my regular daily routine other than taking two "Slim Optimum" and three "Detox Pro" pills daily.

My shocking results from using Slim Optimum and Detox Pro

Putting the Products to the Test

My Results

Week One

I was amazed to find out how well this diet was working after only one week. I was more energetic than I had been at the beginning and was never hungry. I assumed this was because the Slim Optimum contained appetite suppressant qualities. Even though I lost 4 pounds, I was still somewhat skeptical because I knew this initial success could be nothing more than water weight, a common occurrence at the start of any new diet. I figured I would continue following the program and see what happened over the next few weeks. I have to admit it was showing promise.

Week Two

During the second week on the diet I still had an enormous amount of energy and was sleeping better than I had in a long time. I no longer tossed and turned all night long trying to get comfortable—I figured this may have been because the colon cleanse had removed the toxins from my body. By the end of the week I had lost another 3 pounds for a total of 7 pounds in just 2 weeks. I was becoming less skeptical about the program.

Week Three

I have to admit I no longer have any doubts or skepticism about the Slim Optimum program. I lost another 3 pounds and found I could fit into clothes I hadn’t been able to wear for a long time. I still have an abundance of energy at a time when most people run out of steam on other weight loss programs. I am able to digest my food better, and I am pleased to report I no longer suffered from gas or bloating after I enjoyed a meal.

Week Four

I lost a total of 13 pounds during the 4 weeks I conducted my study. Many of my co-workers at Consumer 5 were envious of the success I had achieved and wished they would have had the opportunity to participate in the study. While my results may not be typical of everyone, you can trust me when I tell you that anyone who follows this program will definitely increase their chances of weight loss success. As an added bonus, the powerful antioxidants in the Slim Optimum can make improvements in the way your skin looks.

I am ecstatic!

I lost a total of 13 pounds in less than 30 days.

Conclusion: It is perfectly acceptable if you feel a bit skeptical about this program at the beginning; all of us at Consumer 5 felt the same way initially. You can believe me when I tell you that once you try the program, you will see some astonishing results. After we concluded the study, we were happy to see how many other people achieved the same level of success I did with this program. There is no risk, and you have nothing to lose. Even better, you will be using a product that contains only high quality ingredients.

Good Luck with your weight loss


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